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The Confusion Around Medicare Agents and Agencies Cleared Up

When you are finally old enough to qualify for Medicare, there are several parts to this government-sponsored insurance. Each part is directed at specific medical coverage needs. While most people would assume that Social Security is the Medicare agency and that intake workers for Social Security are the Medicare agents, they are missing some crucial, and often confusing, information. Here is more information on that very subject. 

Medicare Agencies

"Wait," you are saying, "there is more than one agency? How is that Social Security is one entity with several offices?" Well, therein lies the confusion. The main entity providing your Medicare benefits is Social Security, but you have to choose the healthcare network when you choose your healthcare insurance. Medical insurance companies, with their respective health networks, become the secondary/tertiary Medicare agencies. The agents that organize and arrange for you to begin receiving your Medicare benefits through your chosen healthcare network are the Medicare agents. 

Who Sees the Claim When You File One

Some of the other confusion that happens once you understand how Medicare and choosing an agency works is regarding how to file a medical insurance claim. Thankfully, you really do not have much to worry about with regard to this issue. The doctor or clinic that accepts your Medicare and network coverage files that claim for you. The agency sees the claim, the network insuring company sees the claim, and because it is connected to Medicare, Social Security gets a copy on file as well. While that all seems a little much in terms of personal health information shared, it is still completely confidential. It works to your advantage, too, to have Social Security get a copy of everything. If there is ever a complaint or you feel like something was done or filed incorrectly or lost, you can always contact Social Security with your Medicare concerns. 

Finding a Medicare Agency

You can choose a Medicare general agency, where it does not matter which network insurance company you choose, or you can continue to see the same in-network doctors you have seen for years. Finding the Medicare agency that will provide you with a continuance in insurance coverage for the same doctors is not difficult. Most health insurance agents can help you transition from your old health insurance into the Medicare variety of insurance from the same company. Social Security can help too, if you already have an agency or agent in mind. 

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