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4 Things Medicare Advantage Plans Offer You

Medicare Advantage help plans are designed to offer you the required benefits of Part A and Part B Medicare coverage, as well as additionally coverage. The exact coverage and benefits you can get from a Medicare Advantage plan depends upon the county that you live in. In 2019, Medicare Advantage plans will be able to offer more supplement benefits to participants. Here are four of the most common new supplemental benefits Medicare Advantage plans can offer.

#1 Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Quitting smoking can really help improve one's overall health. However, quitting cold turkey can be really difficult to do because nicotine is addicting. Most people have more success quitting smoking when they go through a nicotine replacement therapy program that helps slowly reduce the amount of nicotine that one needs every day. Using low doses of nicotine is much safer on the body, as direct nicotine doesn't carry all the same toxins found in cigarette smoke.

#2 Family Caregiver Support

Another newer feature is support for family caregivers. What this support looks like can vary from one plan to the next. The support could come via training for family caregivers to ensure that they are able to provide one with the best support possible. Family caregiver support could also look like relief support to come in and assist you with taking care of your family member who is on Medicare and giving them extra support to age in place.

#3 Modifications to Home

Another new benefit is reimbursement for making changes to the home that allow one to continue to live in their home instead of moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. For example, one may be reimbursed for installing grab rails in the bathroom. This benefit is supposed to encourage individuals to age in place in their homes, instead of turning to more expensive elderly care facilities.

#4 Massage Therapy

Traditional insurance companies have begun to recognize the healing power of massage therapy for a variety of conditions, and Medicare Advantage plans are starting to recognize the healing power of massage therapy as well. A small number of plans have added massage therapy coverage, and more could add this benefit on over time.

The exact extra benefits offered vary greatly from one area to another, so be sure to look into the Medicare Advantage plans offered in your area to find the exact benefits offered. These benefits are designed to enhance your medical care coverage.